1. Turn A Mill

Beat by B. Dolan
Additional bass by Lavondo Thomas
Additional keys by Steve Okinski


Step by step the longest march
can be won (can be won)
Many stones to form an arch
singly none (singly none)
And by union what we will
Can be accomplished still
Drops of water turn a mill
Singly none.

Step ahead, step behind
only rapper two stepping with a metal spine
even in decline, still ahead of my time
Evel Knievel in his prime, how's he even alive (damn)
I dare you devils adhere to this schedule
I ran like hell for years at this level
Whole family on my back, what'd I tell you?
Even when the vertebrae cracked, I never fell through.
Never said I was invincible,
Body moving body broken from the neck down
Guess I was standing on my principles.
Luckily them motherfuckers were dead sound
Who slept sound knowing that the beds were burning?
Then fed full bellies with an extra serving.
Nothing left for the essential person
Who showed up to work knowing death was certain
Infections lurking where protections lacking
to practice murder while we speak compassion
We cut trash bags into plastic curtains
We couldn't seem to keep that mask in fashion
No visitors pass is what the Doctors say
just me, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye
between a sleepless state feeling the deepest ache
having dreams of the dead homies keeping me safe
the O.G. would say 'you need to go a lot slower,
you care too much plus you act too grown up
must've lost track of the times I have told ya
you walk like the weight of the world's on your shoulders'
Rest in peace to a tough guy
Wish he could've stuck around for the punchline
Baby boy took his first steps for the second time while the third wave
shut down production lines but I'm
Staying focused on my breath.
Drinking water doing stretches getting rest (having fun)
Letting it bang for them ones
Who can still get it cracking like some Alias drums
We ain't done. Until I get away and walk into the sun.
The homie Pip told me 'fuck it, let em come'
Keep going til' I end it on the one
Not the run of the mill, cuz for the mill I don't (run)

Yes yes y'all, you don't stop.
B. Dolan. Rock on.
Yes yes y'all, you don't stop.
Rock on.