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Where to Find B. Dolan Online 

Listed in reverse order of how much they support and/or cost us to maintain, here are some of the many places you can find us online:

Patreon - is a monthly subscription service, where folk can sign up for free to get occasional exclusives, or $5-10/month for constant exclusives at music and art.  I've been running this service for 5 years and it's still my primary source of income.  Folks at $35/m+ receive 4 exclusive merch items shipped anywhere in the world, throughout the year.  Annual subscribers also get a discount.  If you can swing it, this is the single most sustaining place you can interact with me, and as such I prioritize it on a constant basis. Visit to learn more. 

Twitch - I stream weekly on Twitch.  There are music streams, political streams, and plenty of gaming if you're into that sort of thing.  Chat is a great community and a fun place to hang out.  Follow and turn on notifications to know when we're live, or join the Discord to customize your alerts and see clips / chat between streams.  Subscribe to watch without commercials and get the best emotes on Twitch. 

Discord - Our Discord server as active and full of brilliant community members and artists!  Monthly remix competitions and channels about pets, gaming, and beat production are just the beginning, plus this platform features no algorithm.  You set your alerts, and hear from us every time we ping a topic you're interested in. Here's a permanent invite to our server:

Youtube Music Channel - My official Youtube Channel started late, but is on it's way to getting monetized.  In addition to all of my forthcoming videos It contains archived copies of my previous music videos and most of my discography in the form of playlists, album and song streams.  Drop us a ‘subscribe’ to get notified when new videos are added. Visit to watch. 
Youtube ‘Clips’ Channel - Archives of Twitch streams, gaming clips & Youtube Shorts are kept seperately at

Bandintown - If you use this site to track concert tickets, be sure to follow!  Also occasional alerts about big news.

Instagram - Still a preferred form of social media for many music fans, though we have to pay money to make sure you see our posts here.  We are usually not able to pay that money, so roll the dice on whether you get updates!  We do however check these DMs and appreciate interactions here.

Facebook - See above, but with more racists and boomers.  To be completely honest, this is often one of the last places I update as I have no hope of it reaching supporters without giving Zuckerberg money.  The pages are maintained with major updates, so check back often?  I don't know how people get news on FB.  Still, if you must:

Twitter - Sinking ship, isn't it?  Still, I check and update it but will not pay for it.  Hope of seeing what I post are… not great.

Threads - The Twitter alternative I update and check the most often.  I may try to transition completely over to Threads at some point, unless a better option arises.

Mastodan - Sort of a placeholder, in case Twitter truly dies?  I do not check or update this platform often.

BlueSky - See Above.